Tried everything but nothing seems to work

no reply’s at all @Management

I have no idea if the following might help because I have a different model (Herobook Plus). I noticed that, if I push gently the power on button, my pc gets stuck at the bios beginning (the screnn where you get either the bios vendor name or the Chuwi symbol depending on what option you have chosen inside bios). And it will remain there forever.
However if you turn the pc off and push the power on button again for a couple of seconds, then the same initial screen appears and after that the options to enter bios followed by a regular turn on. I have no idea if it is a problem of my pc or a general feature (it has been that way since I bought it in last March). Certainly a user guide or maintenance manual would be very welcome by users that have to discover the ideosyncrasis of the pc by trial and error…