Stylus read distance from the tablet

first of all, sorry for my english, not my main language.

so, i have 2 ubook pro n4100 units, and when i got them, both read their respective stylus at about 2 mm from the screen, as TechTablets points it out too on the m3 model

thing is, after i updated windows 10 on both of them, now the tablet reads the stylus at 1 cm and more, but spazing like crazy after 1 cm (didn’t happen before) but i feel like it has lost a lot of precision. before i t was fairly smooth, now, i’m unable to draw any straight lines with it because of how much it moves around.

if you are just messing around with the pen, you most likely won’t realize it, but if you ttry to seriously draw, it becomes a nigtmare. i am unable to draw anything straight unless i use Autodesk Sketchbook and it’s predictive stroke function

anyone else with this issue? i already tried calibrating the screen from windows 10 configuration and still same issue.