The BIOS firmware AeroBook

Prompt how to flash BIOS on AeroBook

The first step: prepare a USB stick to connect your computer. Format in FAT 32 format and change the name to “WINPE”
Copy the unzipped bios files to the pendrive
Put the pen on the AeroBook and turn on.
You must press F7 intermittently (note that on the AeroBook it is Fn + F7). If a selection menu screen appears, choose the pendrive.
If detected, a powershell window will start and go black for a few minutes until the flashing process is finished.
Remove the pen drive and turn it on again

Where to download the file BIOS.

Then, tell me your serial number.

serial number Q256G19040531

I can’t give you BIOS from now on, because the risk is too great.So now you need to contact service@chuwicom