To run/boot CoreBookX without battery (disconnect battery)

  I will about to buy "CHUWI CoreBook X Intel Core i5-8259U" version.  

However, I would like to know…

 Is it possible to run/boot this laptop without battery (disconnect battery) 

and plug charger only ?

     Thank you so much.

PS : I heard some brand/model can not boot without battery.
I’m not sure that CoreBook X can or can’t.

Hello, this operation is not recommended, there will be security risks, thank you

I meant

"In terms of circuit design CoreBookX support to run/boot directly using power from the charger or not ?

If it supports. CoreBookX can boot without battery. It’s nothing about risks.
and I’m not talking about “recommendation” or not !!!

PS : Because Some brands/models are designed to use power from batteries only.
(Charger charge to battery and then laptop use power from battery respectively)

Thank you so much

I did use my CoreBookX without battery for a while, because I had issues with the original battery (bat. swelling). I bought a replacement battery and removed the battery while waiting for the replacement, and it did work quite well, with a few issues, so two things I noticed:

  • the system would restart twice even before it would reach the the actual boot process, some weird bios check-up thing that would add a few seconds for a cold boot;
  • depending on which peripherals you would connect to it (e.g. keyboard and mouse was fine, but phone would draw too much power), and/or the amount of load the system would have to endure (screen brightness maxed out/gaming with GPU/video render) it would shut down eventually. TBH I never managed to run a game that would use the graphics card without the battery for over 1 minute (I guess GPU needs extra juice the provided power supply can’t deliver alone), but have used it for web, without issues for 2 months, while waiting for a replacement battery, it would stay on without a restart for days in a row.

So if you don’t push it too much, I think you can work on light to moderate workloads as for office / programming / web tasks. I am not really recommending it, I did it because my other option would be to buy another machine the same day, so I gave it a go and luckily my machine survived and is still in use as of today (now with a replacement battery), but do it at your own risk.

OBS: I have the Intel i5-7267U model (the previous one).

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