Corebook X always plugged to AC

Hello, I mostly use my Corebook plugged to AC plug (like a desktop). Will this harm the battery?
Thank you

This is a looooooong discussion point.

In the back days, it was said not so good but Battery management today is more advanced.

You should not have any issue but it-s still recommended to do a complete Battery cycle every month or every two months. Use on battery, discharge until about 15-20% and charge it without using it until 100%.


Thank you for you kind reply. I, will use the battery mode even more than 3-4 times per month so I should have no problem on that side. I was just asking if maybe when battery is charged the Corebook just use AC power and completely disconnect battery unless it is discharged to a certain amount, i.e. 95% or so, in order to avoid “cooking” the battery.

Kind regards