Any tutorials or repair stores for Hi10 Pro LCD?

My Hi10 pro’s lcd has been broken for about a year now. The tablet and touchscreen are 100% functional, I know because blindly putting in my android pin will unlock it and give me the notification sound. Is there any easy way to fix it or any repair stores that can fix it? I really loved this thing and it was great for content. And having both android and windows meant I could do basically whatever I wanted on it. Does anyone know of any solutions?

You can try to get the LCD by writing to or through Ali Express.

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I know, but I don’t know how to replace it. There doesn’t seem to be any easily available information for doing so.

Online replacement guidance services are available

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So do you provide this or somebody else? If you do, where should I contact you?

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Look at this video. It changes the touch to a Hi10 Plus, since the LCD is fine, but indicates how to open and in the end also changes a full LCD and touch.

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Thanks! Was able to remove the lcd, now I just need to contact the email you sent because my lcd version doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere online.