Does anyone know anywhere i can buy a replacement lcd (model wx10f034n00)?

I have the hi10 pro with remix os and windows 10 and the lcd is broken. i have figured out how to remove and replace the lcd, but there seems to be absolutely no documentation or sellers on this specific model (wx10f034n00). its almost as if it doesnt exist. when you look up chuwi hi10 pro lcds the only results are of this model: but my model is this one: (its seemingly the only photo on the internet of it). the ribbon cable is labelled c109h_wx10f034n00_fpc_v100, which only pops up two independent results and both are in russian. my model details are as follows: device is CHUWI Hi10 Pro, model is CW1529, serial number is PQ64G42160903655. I emailed the aftersale email earlier today and am awaiting a response. does anyone have any idea where to find this?

edit: the lcd is a dead match to the screen of the sony xperia z2 and they share a model number. its basically ripped straight out of one without the touch screen part. it even has a connector for where the touch screen would be on an xperia xz2, but is empty on the hi10 pro

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If you have contacted the after-sale service, please just wait a moment. :innocent:

They have now responded

Looking for this?
It seems like this display is sold only with a touchscreen.

Found without a touch but it’s vvx10f034n00

Also it’s more expensive than buying both so I guess I’ll just buy both

Seems like the VV is a typo. But yeah I need that one.

I have also broken screen. What is a right model and where to find a new one for this:
chuwi hi10 pro cw1529 hw64g42171203944
Pls , anyone ?