[Hi10 Air] Chuwi Hi10 Air need BIOS help

Hi, I need the Bios for my tablet Chuwi Hi10 AirQ64G1901XXXX.
My problem was Realtek WIFI board not recognized, because it recognizes Broadcom WIFI board not present in the device.
So I flashed Bios found for AirQ54G1904XXXX on this page but I got my tablet bricked. Now I want to reflash the Bios with my external dongle but I need the original Bios for my device also with Realtek support. Do you know where to get it?

Thank you

I quote @Management so that when it connects it puts the link

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Thank you. I hope soon.

This one.

Sorry but it seems the same download that bricked my device. I don’t think it is compatible with AirQ64G1901XXXX version, because after flashed it, the tablet doesn’t power anymore. I think I need 1901 version and not 1903 version BIOS. Thanks.

It’s strange that anyone but you can use it

I also brick my hi10 air q64g1908xxxx (change ram settings).
I cliped and programm 25lq64 ic with this file (1903) and has the same behavior.
You press power button led on keyboard flash ones and nothing happens,
I noticed that pcb warms up…if you press 30 sec power button shut of and pcb cools down.
I used RT809H programmer that is very reliable.
PLS respond and support
Thank you.

You should use this one:

Thank you.