Where can I find the chuwi hi12 windows image

I need to reflash it!

This maybe what you are looking for: https://bbs.chuwi.com/thread-6945-1-1.html

I am gonna download windows 10 from the microsoft website.

I bought the chuwi hi12 two and a half years ago. It is in English.

Do i need to download the ENGLISH version or the INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH version to keep my windows 10 product key?

What is that can somebody tell me about it. Chuwi and how can i install it on my device.

The version you must download is Windows 10 Home multilanguage, selecting English language during installation. In this way the product will be activated with the first internet connection

I need to reflash it too because the screen became always black after the drivers update. If I reflash Window 10 home will I reinstall all the drivers to solve my problem? thank you

Hey so here i am again, the topicstarter.
I need to reinstall windows,

So i have

A chuwi hi12
A keyboard
Windows 10 on a bootable usb stick.

I restart the chuwi hi12.


Hit Esc on the keyboard when starting up, to get into BIOS.

I go into bios and there is no selection for USB. Why can’t I see USB?

It may simply because the USB was not labeled “WINPE”, hence not recognized by the system. Chuwi tutorials, including that for Hi12, are still on line, they are in Chinese, though. See https://bbs.chuwi.com/thread-14878-1-1.html

Power on and hit f7 several times. A menu with boot options will appear.