Windows installation Hi 12 dual

Hi, new to the forum, I got an Hi 12 from end of 2017, dual boot.
Was requested to do an Windows upgrade a couple a days ago, I guess it failed because after that it was trying to go roll back for 24 hours when I turned it of. And here we are.
I have red all tips and trick to reinstall the Windows (Android works fine),
2 USB stick, the boot stick one in the USB 3.0 port and the Image stick in the USB 2 port, down loaded recommended Images etc.etc.

When doing as book says I see the boot USB stick (in USB 3.0 port) flash seems like reading, then the screen get blue and hangs and after 1-2 minutes the device shut down.

Some ideas what to do ??

Please help

Another thing I got the seriel number Q46G45171000928, can someone point at the right version of W 10 for my peice. And also some good instruction how to make this work.



If you are using the Windows ROM existing in this forum, placed on USB devices must be recognized if you have recombined the USB flash to WINPE

I have tried that as well, one USB with everything on it, same result.

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Windows Z8350: … Hi12_Windows_Z8350_ (TP)_170100001-170105000
PS: The touch screen is changed.

Hi again,

Failed to use recommended Hi 12 Windows _Z8350 ROM.
But I managed to install Windows 10 Home version from Microsoft !!
But now I miss most of the devices, such as Network, Touch, Audio etc.
I have followed the instruction, down loaded the driver pack Hi12, turned of integrity check, running the device manager in Admin mode, but I can´t install any of the drivers (except for one).
Get an list of about 14 Other devices all with yellow flag in the dev mngr.
First one called Multimedia controller, second PCI/Decryption Controller and the 12 unknown device.
Tried all drivers in the Hi12 drivers pack, just get Windows could not find any drivers for your device. Same with all except g-sensor.
What am I do wrong ?
Do I miss something ?
What driver in the pack is for what device ?

  • Audio ?
  • bt drivers ?
  • C122-gt0 etc ?
  • g-sensor this actually went in OK, but what is it for ? not the touch screen

Hopefully some one can help me

When the installation is finished, it is time to install the drivers. It is logical that, after a clean installation of Windows, the system does not recognize the drivers of non-Intel devices. This happens on any device of any brand.We must then install the drivers that Windows has not been able to install.To do this, after downloading the drivers of our tablet or laptop model and unzipping them into a device storage folder, disable Windows protection for the installation of unsigned drivers.To deactivate this protection, press start, restart with the shitf key pressed, and restart now. When you restart, an advanced reset screen will open in which you must press 7 or F7 to deactivate the protection and it will restart normally.
It is time to go to the device manager, by clicking on the start button with the right mouse button and in the menu choose device manager, and see in the device tree the drivers that are not correctly installed. (they have a yellow triangle).You have to click on each of them with the right button, driver properties, update driver. On the next screen, choose the option below “search for driver software on the computer”. On the next screen “choose from a list of available drivers on the computer” and on the next one you must click on the use disk button; The browser will open and select the folder where you have unzipped the downloaded drivers, checking the option to search in subfolders.The system will install the device driver. You have to repeat this process with each of the devices with a yellow triangle. Keep in mind that if you restart, the protection will be activated again, so you must activate it again when you have to install a driver.

Thanks for all help I got from you guys.
Finaly I managed to boot from the stick with the Win 10 ROT I downloaded from the forum. I dont know why it didn´t worked out the first 15 times, but I am back.

But 2 issues left to solve.

  1. I got 2 boot managers and the primary one startas the boot to the old Win 10. Tried to change the boot order in Bios setup but with 2 option with the same name the faulty one allways become the primary. When doing boot overide and start from the second boot manager it works fine and the Chuwi Win version starts with all drivers etc… How do get rid of the faulty boot manager ???

  2. Touch screen seems a bit slow and un-sensitive, wrong driver in the ROM ??

Thanks in advance