CE font problems

I just bought a CHUWI HiPad LTE Tablet PC to use for my office needs but it seems to be a major problem with the Slovenian keyboard, when I type the letter “č” (i.e. a letter “c” with a diacritic sign on it) I get an uppercase “Č” and, and vice versa, when I press shift instead of “Č” I get a lowercase “č”. The other diacritical letters function fine, though.
I know that perhaps from an outside point of view it doesn’t seem a major problem but just consider if typing in English all the letters “t” were capitalised and had to be painstakingly correct one by one. The CHUWI HiPad LTE Tablet PC as it is, is virtually useless in Slovene (or Croatian).

Is there any chance this bug will be corrected?

Is it just a matter of one letter?

Yes, it seems indeed so, only the letter “č”. I have checked it now, and I found no problems with other western and diacritical letters or even non-alphabet carracters.

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OK got it. please try to write to aftesale@chuwi.com.They’ll help you figure out what went wrong.