Dual Boot HI10 plus

Hello, is there any plan of develop/announce a dual boot tablet as the HI10 Plus was?


It is currently impossible because that possibility of dualboot came because intel developed compatible Android drivers for its Atom X5 processors.
Intel abandoned that project and currently only develops drivers for Windows devices.

Thanks for your answer, manonegra, that unfortunately I was afraid of getting…
it is really a pity not to have it…
and… there is no other current “tablet processor” able of running both systems that would do easy to develop a new dual boot tablet?
BTW, Chuwi still have the Dual Boot HI10 announced in its official web page, this explains why I put again my question.


Chuwi no longer sells Hi10 Plus or Hi10 Pro. I imagine it will be due to lack of stock of the Z8350 processor.
I still have a Vi10 Pro with dual boot that works really well.
Currently there is no processor that has the possibility to work on Windows and Android. The only solution is to use an Android emulator on a Windows device.

manonegra, thanks again.

I also know there is a “Android for X86” would it work in a Chuwi Windows tablet?

Other question could be which Android emulator would be the best one to run in a Chuwi Windows tablet (I know there are a great number of them)? I am not “game oriented”, more the MAPS and car driving assistants, Bank apps, Astronomical apps, Domotic control apps…

Thanks again.


try genymotion, nox and bluestacks

OK, thanks, I will try those ones.

Thanks again, regards
Muchas Gracias y un saludo