Hi10 android only instalation files and instructions


I spent almost one day to find the right way and the right files to install on Hi10 Only Android OS with no results.

Please can you help me with files,tools and how to?

As i understand there is an bios version for single boot then the Android OS that should be compatible with tablet.

I have CW1515 Hi10 Q64G42161202192
On YouTube i fond an tutorial for Hi8 in another language with no files.


Before touching anything (you must not touch the Bios at all), I understand that you have a Hi10 dual Boot tablet and want to leave only Android in the entire storage space?
Please confirm this and I will pass the instructions


Thank You for help

Yes i confirm that i want to leave only Android in the entire storage space!


нет у меня после обновления биос плншет больше не включаеться и нужно прошить прогроматором

this tutorial: tutorial

this files: files

Thank you very much for your help!