Which SSD M.2 Modul can I use?

Can I use this for Lapbook Plus CHuwi?

Yes,you can. sata M.2 2280 SSD

I have purchased a WD Blue M.2 ssd module for my just arrived LapBook Pro 8G. Have yet to install as I need info on if I can use this as a boot drive.

Yes, you can choose the boot drive you want, you just have to install or clone the operating system on the drive chosen for the boot and then indicate it in the Windows options and in the Bios.

no he can not. the slot is pcie not sata

I am trying to install a Sabrent M.2 2280 pcie ssd 1tb rocket, but it looks that it can’t enter…
please watch the picture

The compatible SSD is M2 SATA NGFF not NVMe.
In addition, when you are going to put the compatible SSD you must put it upside down, that is, with the letters facing inward