Bios v1903xxxx not working

Hello friends. I have an AirQ64G190608278 tablet. Turned into a brick after trying to install an android. Using the programmer, I restored the BIOS from the “downloads” section. There is version 1903xxxxx. After recovery, the tablet does not turn on.

  1. The bios checksum was checked. everything is fine.
  2. when you press the power button, 5v voltage is supplied to the ports, when you press it again for 6-7 seconds, the tablet turns off.
  3. The battery is charging normally.
    Question: can there be another version of Bios? Or other recovery options?

The same problem with me.
I tried everything… 1903xxx don’t work.
I have airq64g1908xxxx.
I read my bios and does not match with 1903.
The support could give us another version of newer hi10 or someone could read from a working one upload it at forum.
Please help.

You should use this one:

Thank you!! All ok, a tablet is working.