Chuwi lapbook air

Hi, od anybody have a tip to install Ubuntu 19.10 to lapbook air chuwi. I have try to boot from USB but no luck :frowning: thanks for advise and help .

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How have you tried booting from your USB key ? I’m pretty sure there’s something to be done about it.

Yes I tried boot from USB Ubuntu strat loading and then after a while I have screen with some error

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I see, alright ! What do you mean exactly by that you’ve tried USB booting ?

Oh ok, nice screenshot ! So what does your BIOS / UEFI look like ? You may have forgot to add a security boot exception for your USB key.

Or just try finding an option like “enable secure boot” and disable it ~

Please keep me up to date hehe~

I try many option like enable or disable secure boot nothing help

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How did you create your Ubuntu install USB stick ?

I create it with unetbootin and rufus and try with two different USB penndrive I find on web that is a procedure to install Ubuntu on this device

I’d try with the LiLi USB Creator software a.k.a Linux Live USB instead of I were you. Never had problems with this one.

Please update me hehe~

Ciao Poulpette
Io ho utilizzato Rufus, in “MBR”, creando la persistenza di 1GB.
Attenzione non ho scelto “MBR” e non “GPT”, in questo modo funziona sia in “MBR” che in “GPT”: si auto-configura in base al BIOS del Computer. .
Ho aggiunto il File “Bootia32.efi nella cartella EFI/Boot/
Ho modificato il File Grub.cfg, che si trova nella Cartella Boot/Grub/, la voce “set gfxmode=auto” in “set gfxmode=1024x768”.
Ha funzionato bene la versione 16.10, 18.04.3, 19.10:
sul Tablet CHUWI Hi8 Pro.
sul Tablet TrekStor 7” WinTron
sul Tablet Mediacom WinPad 8" Dual OS.
Ecco alcune immagini:
Esecuzione di Ubuntu sul Tablet TrekStor SurfTab 7"
A giorni pubblicherò le Immagini e la Procedura per Tablet CHUWI Hi8 Pro.
Saluti Sabino

Errata Corrige:
Attenzione ho scelto “MBR” e non “GPT”, in questo modo funziona sia in “MBR” che in “GPT”: si auto-configura in base al BIOS del Computer.

Hello. I had ubuntu 18.04 installed in my Chuwi. I make the USB boot in OSX and configured in bios to boot on UEFI selecting the usb drive. But in some command line tasks i made a mistake and write some thing on boot partition and now the chuwi logo (and BIOS options) on boot dont appear.
Someone can help-me please?