Where did Chuwi Hi12 pages go?

Where did the ‘How to flash Android for Chuwi’ tutorial go? And other Hi12 pages on software updates, drivers and official firmware? In august they were still there but now they’re all removed?

As I have already written in other threads, the official forum is in the integration phase with the sections, threads and download links of the previous one, all already hosted on its own servers. It is a process that will take a few days.


Hi. I need instruction how to instal windows without android on this tablet.

you must wait a few days

How many days is “a few days” in china?

Please check here:

Look at your answer: the link to the DRIVERS is empty. There is no link to the DRIVERS.

I need a link to the DRIVERS

Could you tell me the serial number batch?

Hi I need to reinstall on my hi12 singleboot. cwi520. Can you please provide the driver files? There’s no way to convert to dual boot still, right?

HI12 Q64G45160102905

check here:

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