Connecting to Chromecast

I just received my new Phablet (HiPad LTE) and want to use it with a projector. It does not have the ability to use the USB port with a USB to HDMI dongle (from what I can tell) so I purchased a Chromecast device. It says it is compatible and it does work with Google Home for items through that. However, the Cast (or Mirror) option never connects. It sees the device, says “connecting” but never does. I purchased this specifically for this purpose. How do I mirror my screen to a TV? (Either with Chromecast or a USB adapter)

Chuwi devices are compatible with Chromecast both to play content from apps such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon video, YouTube … and to play the contents of the tablet screen to the TV screen.For the first one, the output device must be selected in the app that we are playing.For the latter you must select the “project device” option within the Google Home app. This option is among those available by clicking on the user in the main menu