Touchpad of attached Keyboard sliding

Hi Guys

My biggest Problem with the chuwi ubook pro is that If i use the attached Keyboard and there The Touchpad it moves about 2-10mm further in the direction i did.
If i Take my Finger away right after sliding to where i want to be it doesnt Slide further. But If i keep my Finger on the Pad it moves as i Said a Lot further. That is making small precise movements Impossible.
I already Tried different sensitivity settings and resetting the Touchpad settings in Windows 10. I dont know what i could try aswell. Any ideas?


Yes, this is the problem that I found in the keyboard of the Ubook Pro in its first version and so I indicated in my review, it oscillates too much, repeating even letters when you type too fast.
Chuwi improved the model in its second version of the keyboard