Turbo mode processor and USB Type-C Activation

Hi. I bought the Ubook Pro N4100 recently and in the specifications it says that the processor is 1.1Ghz in normal mode and 2.4Ghz in turbo mode.
In the system it says that it is 1.1GHz and there is no turbo mode. I entered the Bios and there is no option to activate the turbo mode of the processor. Also I found a line that says “USB Type-C Disabled” and it cannot be modified. I guess that’s the reason why another user didn’t have USB Type-C working.
Are they going to release a new Bios that solves these problems? Or is it that the specifications they put on the internet do not match the actual product?


Intel Turbo Boost Technology Enabled By Default on Supported Processors.
You can check it with tool from intel
Type-c works with “disabled” parameter.
People who have a non-working type-c have a software or hardware error.

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Thank you very much for the information. I knew that the turbo mode was activated by default but normally in the system it indicates the maximum speed of the processor or at least the normal and turbo values but in this case it does not.
Using the program that tells me, I have been able to verify that the meter goes over 2 GHz from time to time when I use applications. So it seems that the Turbo really activates even if the system does not put anything.
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