CPU @ 1.1 GHz ONLY - Ubook Pro N4100

a little doubt. In BIOS the CPU shows a frequency of 1.100 MHz. Ok. In Windows too. Ok. But… Where is Turbo Mode?! I need to enable it?!

I’ve tried to run 2 stability/stress test:

*) Prime 95
*) AIDA64

but monitoring apps still report the frequency of the Intel CPU at 1.1 GHz. It should raise the freq till to 2.4 GHz based on the info of the tablet, right? Ehm no, 1.1 GHz seems the max. Really strange…

I understand that the information of the testing programs comes from the data of the bios and is informative and uncontrolled data. It is the operating system that manages the speed of the processor, the cores and the turbo mode depending on the requirements of the programs you use.

Download the Intel turbo boost monitor!