UBook Pen Driver buttons, Device manger 2 problems

Dear Chuwi users,

I really appreciate my new CHUWI UBook X, it is a very, very good product. High quality, great presentation through the packaging, everything is very valuable. The Ubook is in the Microsoft Surface class and costs only a third.

What I do not understand is why the support does not answer, and what is the VIP card and the EU mail address for? Will there by a change after Chinese new year 2021? :+1::grin:

However, I have two small problems with the UBook, there are two unrecognized and installed devices in the device manager.

Is there a driver package available?

The pen is great too, unfortunately the buttons don’t work.

Is there also a driver for this or is it perhaps related to the devices from the device manager?

Thank you for your efforts and await your replay,

With kind regards,

Franky jr.

For unknown devices install Ubook drivers manualy
Ubook drivers

Dear friend,

thanks a lot for the quick answer, the unknown device is still unknown and will not find a driver in the new folder \UBOOK drivers\SF133K drivers.
The other device tried to install an Intel dynamic platform … device, but with an error message, so no installation.

The two button problem I hand over to Wascom, perhaps they know something, it is a by Wasom powerd Stylus Pen.


Franky jr.!

Device manager|690x492

Dear friends,

the HiPen H7 “powered by Wacom” they don’t know about it, when you get in contact with them,
is actually working beautiful, it was my fault because I never use an active pen before.

The two button are working only when you are close to the surface of the UBook x, less the 1 cm.
The lower button has the function of an eraser/rubber, the upper button is similar to the right
mouse key function, like object properties.

Very nice to work with, I am so happy to have this pen and I will use it in Microsoft white board,
OneNote and Sticky Notes for example. A quick link button is missing, but “you can’t have it all”
for the amount of money.

So it just the two devices in the device manager and then the UBook X is close to perfect,
I think The Chuwi company does not know how good their product is in the real world. :innocent:

Happy Chinese new year for all of you 1.3 billion people. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Franky jr.