Ubook Pro Keyboard -- Intermittent Jumping keys


I just recently bought a ubook pro for my wife so she can use on her studies. After a week, she started complaining of a keyboard problem which I can only describe as “Intermittent Keyboard Jumping”.

The problem seems to be that there are times while she is typing, the cursor would jump from the it’s original position and goes somewhere else. By the time she notices, she had already typed stuff and would have to do corrections. Since it’s intermittent we can’t find a pattern, it results to frustration.
I initially thought the touchpad might be too sensitive to slight touch – it doesn’t seem to be the case. We disabled the touchpad and tested to see if the problem persists – and it’s still there.

Has anyone experienced this issue also?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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You may need to talk to the customer service person on the purchasing site about changing the keyboard.

hello i did not experienced this specific problem but Others with keyboard, like fool characters not compatible with any layout, or keyboard not responding. I solved with a complete Windows reset.

Thanks for all of your replies. The last one sounds painful though. :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the same issue with another issue when scrolling down it will go up immediately and been having it for weeks now and my school will be starting soon. How do I fix it? Please help thank you.