Cursor behavior erratic... keeps jumping to random places

Cursor on Ubook behaves very erratically at times. For instance, while I am typing on the keyboard, the cursor keeps jumping to random places on the screen. I have installed and run AutoHotKey to disable certain touchpad gestures but am not sure if that is working or if that is even a solution I am looking for. I hardly use the touchpad and use a separate mouse instead. I have searched on this forum, but don’t see any solution. Any help anyone?

Have you tried to disable the touchpad while an external mouse is connected? Under settings, touchpad, uncheck the “Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected”.

Most likely you are accidentally touching the touchpad while you are typing causing the cursor to bounce around the screen.

I didn’t want to totally disable the touchpad… I think that is the only option now :frowning:

Yeah, understood.

I disable my touchpad when there is an external mouse on all my laptops as it is just too easy to accidentally touch it when typing. I find I have no need to have the touchpad enabled when I have an external mouse.

Thanks… I did this and am slowly getting used to not having the touchpad. The cursor seems to be fine.

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Did you try to set the Touchpad sensitivity to Low to see if that would help? I think the default is Medium.