Ubook X H7 Pen Pressure scaling doesn't work

UBook X 10210Y

This tablet came with H8 pen, wich i know works like a finger, that’s why i ordered H7, cus i need pressure scaling to work in photoshop. I got it to work, but it seems like tablet can’t detect pressure at all. I read a ton of forum pages and still did not found any solutions, would appreciate any help

Hello, because the ubook X the new version that is what you bought, does not work well with H7, in fact it says on the webpage, or it should say it. In which one did you buy it? So i can correct.

Try to install this file and see if it works better

we bought it from official retailer on aliexpress, and infact, when we wrote to seller about our H8 problem (wich we did not knew was just a “fingerpen” at the time) he said the opposite, that H7 will work perfectly fine with that specific tablet
But anyways, i’ll try the file you sent me and report everything back

Edit: i installed the file you sent me, results are the same - pen works, but still no pressure readings

Can you send me the link to the store you bought it?to see if its one of our official stores? And i could talk to my colleague and see what we can do.


Yes that store is also ours. I talked to my colleague. In fact he send you the same file i did also. So in this case please write him through Aliexpress, (he is the one who need to solve this) and if the Pen does not work still. Maybe he will send another one, because when we send this patch usually works.