Ubook X N41200 Questions about some features

Hello I had a few questions about that capabilites of the Ubook X 2020.

  1. Is it ok to use a Otterbox 20 Watt charger to charge my Ubook with the USB-C cable? (Its 5V 3A/ 9V 2.2A). It looks like its charging, but i want to make sure so i dont fry it.
  2. Does the ubook work with a stylus meant for a surface?
  3. How many displays does the ubook support via usb and can it be used while charging using a dock?
  4. Does the H7 have palm rejection?
  5. Is there anyway to lock txe manufacturing mode?

Thanks and hope to hear back soon :smiling_face:

1-The charger of the Type C must be 15V/2A PD. The cable type C must meet the standards of PD. So i think is even less energy :slight_smile:
2- In theory it should work, i have checked and the Surface Pen has MMP software the same as the Old Pen H7 and H6 of Chuwi. But i would recommend using the Chuwi Pen as itts for sure they will work
3- Need to ask about this
4- Yes , it supports.
5-Can you explain what do you mean by Txe manufacturing mode? :wink:

For sure, TXE is a Intel security feature (a secure environment for executing sensitive tasks and protecting system integrity) and is normally locked during the manufacturing process; however it was not in my case.

I believe i know the solution for my device but i need the latest bios update package. I tried to find it on the Chuwi website but it doesnt show my model.

Considering this is an old model i dont think we have an updated BIOS. But i could ask
Give me your serial number , and i will check

Oh oops i totally forgot to check, my serial number is UbookXQ256G21052484

Here, win , Bios, drivers. I dont know if its the same you had or not. But we dont have other files.

Im waiting tech to answer me about TXE

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Have you by any change asked about question 3 as well?

When you ask about dock, you mean a power bank? or what type of device can you send me a picture of the dock, will be easier for me to ask

Ima talking about something like this , it connects via the usb c cable

so you want to know if you connect the tablet to this dock, it will charge and work normally without problems right? do you have it? OR you are planning to buy one? just to check the voltage because it will depend on it

I am planing on getting it. My question is will i be able to use the HDMI port and Charge it at the same time? The hub/dock supports that but idk if the Ubook does.

The specs of the dock:

  • Nine-port USB hub features two 5Gbps USB 3.0 data ports, two 480Mbps USB-A ports, a 4K HDMI port, a 100W PD-IN port, an Ethernet port, and SD/microSD card slots
  • HDMI port for connecting a monitor and streaming 4K resolution videos at 30Hz
  • USB 3.0 ports enable high-speed data transfers at speeds up to 5Gbps, so you can move large files within minutes
  • SD/microSD card slots access stored files in memory cards at up to 104Mbps
  • Supports 100W of pass-through charging laptops, phones, and other gadgets when connected to the hub

ok i will ask also that

-The question about the docking is ok. You can charge and at the same time use the HDMI