Ubook X Pro fresh install

Hi all, please can someone help!

i opened my ubook x pro today and the hipen 7 buttons didnt work. no problem i thought, ill install the drivers. i didnt realise id clicked the ones for the ubook x, not pro.

once it installed the world went to hell. it seems to have resized the touch screen area and its not axxurate. the pen stops working a good inch arojd the left and right and the screen keeps clicking itself randomly.

i tried a reinstall of windows 10 using the tablet itself and my battery died halfway through - so then it didnt load.

now ive managed to reinstall windows 10 off a media recovery device, deleted all partition on the hard drive, but the screen is still clicking itself! it does this with a mouse plugged in or out, and the pen with batteries in and without.

does anyone have a factory fresh version of the ubook x pro PLEASE that i can download and reset my tablet please? i can turn the touch screen off but that defeats the point of a tablet.

Go back to a date before 3 days ago and do a restore point, it will set your machine back to where it was before you installed the drivers