Touch screen acting crazy

Greetings, please my ubook x pro ZUbkXPCW1H230100976 Touch screen is acting on it’s own. I think I might have installed the wrong pen driver. Just after installing the driver, the Touch screen started acting up. Please will really appreciate your help. I bought it from AliExpress. I attached a video of the the problem.

Did you try to uninstall that driver?
try these

Greetings, i found out what was causing the screen to act crazy. It’s the I2C controller. Please i need the driver for it. Thanks.

Did you install the drivers i sent you?

Greetings. Please I looked for I2C HID devices drivers and can’t find it in the drivers you sent to me. Please if it’s there, do tell me in which folder I am to look for it.

I will ask to Tech, just to make sure

Ok thanks. I await your response.