Unlock FN key su Corebook Pro

Hello, I would like to unlock the FN key as I cannot use the F1-F12 keys. I have tried on the Bios but there is no option and on the keyboard there are no indications. How should I do?

Howdy Maji.

I’d like the same as you.
Did you find any solution?

I want to lock/unlock FN key same as you!
Is there any solution?

I could solve the issue!
I contacted to aftersale-service@chuwi.com, then I got new EC(Embeded Controller) file.
New EC is version ‘CH-EC-V1.8.0’.

Yes, it is the second option for those who need the default function keys.

How did you install this file to the system?

Hi Alaim

Chuwi send me update guide also.
I copied the EC files to USB memory, and boot from USB.
Then EC update process started automatically.

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please share the file

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Hi Bandermon
I’m not sure if I can share it with you, so please contact aftersale-service@chuwi.com to get it.

Hello everybody

I received the file from support, but I am unable to update.

here is the screen that appears to me.

could someone help me?

plz give me i got same problmem corebook pro

share it plz … got this problem and any ask me