Update to version Windows 2004

Hello, i want to know if it’s normal the update Windows version 2004 take some to 6 hours !?
And my result card Micro SD ( Sandisk 400GB) speed test with Cristal-DiskMark is only 23 Mb/s !
My question : are there drivers to install for this Tablet drives ?

It’s ok for emmc memory.


Hello, I found that the SD card reader was only in USB 2 transfer rate. is there not a driver for USB 3? because I put the latest driver from Realtek and the speed of the SD card is at most 25 Mb/s. thank you in advance, cordially.

This tablet uses realtek usb 2.0 card reader.

Never use SD or Micro-SD card readers in any laptop. Most will be slow.
The solution is to use those USB-SD-reader dongles.
The laptop’s USB ports will have much greater speed in processing the SD cards.

This is from experience in using the sd-card-reader to create my windows recovery - it took the whole night! Also, somehow, though the bios has a boot from SD option, it does NOT work. So only when try the USB-SD-reader dongle then not only can boot from SD via USB but also found that speed was very much greater.