Hi, I hope that everybody is well and safe from the Corona Virus epidemics.

I have a technical question regarding my PC-tablet CHUWI Hi 10 Air SN Hi 10 AirQ64G19101463 I bought through Amazon in the month of december 2019.

As i have not been using it since the first instants of installation I realized that i have forgotten the password to access the system.
i have also tried to reset the password answering the three secret questions regarding as the owner of the tablet:

my first pet’s name

the city where i was born and

the name of my first school

unfortunately, after many attempts with the answers that i believe correct i am not yet able to login.

Would you be so kind to help me?

thanks a lot.


Forgetting the password will force you to perform a system restore, using the rom from the official forum or simply installing Windows10 home from a USB stick obtained from the Microsoft website and then installing the drivers for non-Intel devices.
In case you used a password for a microsoft account, you can unlock it from the microsoft website, pointing to the blocked device.

You can also try to find out the passkey with the help of one of the youtube videos using the search engine.