Usb DVD drive problem

hi all I have my 8100 minibook since a couple of weeks now and i am in love with it, it is almost perfect.
until now the issues I have are a dead pixel on the screen, and the fan which is really loud and annoying.
today I wanted to play a dvd on my tv using a usb dvd drive.
when I plug the drive it pops up in the device manager andhas no issues, but as soon as I insert a disk (no matter if cd or dvd) the drive disappears.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, uinstalkling and reinstalling the usb drivers, changed the usb power options but had no luck, the usb drive works flawlessly on my surface pro 4.
can someone help me?

May be there is not enough power for usb dvd? Try to use usb cable with additional usb for power, like this

thanks for the answer! I tried all the usb ports and a powered usb-c hub with no luck

I am inclined to think that the MiniBook USB port does not have enough power to power the DVD by itself, so you must connect it to a powered Hub and connect it to the miniBook

You have to add a power source to the hub.
I give an example:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=hub+alimentado+dodocool&qid=1577698056&sr=8-13

Thank manonegra, i used this powered hub with no result