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BIOS Reset/Clearing procedure below - courtesy of user SpareADime

The BIOS is fragile, a lot of settings can brick it. Chuwi forums have a lot of bricked Larkboxes but I found no solution. In the end, I gave up waiting for support, opened up the unit, and removed the CMOS battery. Press & hold power for 15s, let it sit over dinner then after putting it back together, BIOS was reset and it booted up for me! The setting that bricked mine was Chipset > South Bridge > OS selection.



i’ve downloaded Larkbox OS for SSD but it’s not clear how to use it

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Extract files -> copy these files to a flash memory stick (see picture):


…then insert the flash memory stick in a LarkBox USB port -> press the power button -> wait until blue power LED goes off (15 - 20 minutes) - remove USB memory stick and power the LarkBox back on.


one file is too big for FAT32, can i format ExFAT?

I thought the instructions for reinstalling the Win 10 OS was to format the USB flash drive to NTFS and then copy the files.

Good Luck

…I doubt formating w/ ExFAT will provide enough room … the cumulative size for all files is about 9GB … Moreover, I would format the USB stick NTFS.

done with NTFS, downloaded all the update from windows, it works!

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…wonderful news, glad to hear it-- congratulations !

Whenever I try the guide I always get this screen and can’t move forward. Anyone know how to fix please?

…try the DISM.exe repair utility per link below:


Thanks, the problem is that I can’t access the emmc memory. At startup it gives me black screen, windows can’t see it and linux, Mint 20 Mate edition, sees the emmc, SD and Drive, but can’t mount it in any way, see photo. In the bios the Chipset> South Bridge> OS selection is set on windows. Isn’t there a way to reset the bios via usb? It could be the cause of the problem I think. The SpareADime guide would be a great solution if I had not afraid of breaking some wire or strip during disassembly.

Hi, How to install this file?

Larkbox OS for SSD

…see thread above re: user ‘zancamed.’

…try link here: