What is the best selling model for Chuwi?

@ChuwiSpainSupport I want to ask you if you can find out what is the best selling model for Chuwi. My guess will be either Gemibook XPRO or Minibook X.


Currently from what we have is Larkbox X and Uboox i5. In our official store :grin: :grin:

Thanks for your information. I am surprised that Larkbook X is your best selling laptop. I consider FreeBook with its better N100 processor is a better buy. Maybe because Minibook X and FreeBook are relatively new so there isn’t enough sales yet.

I was also surprised as i thought the new ones would be more hot selling, but it seems is not ,for example in Spain Aliexpress is Larkbox and Herobook Pro. Its price probably has something to do on it :wink: