What kind of fan is installed in the CoreBook X | Fan noise | Memory upgrade

Hey guys!

Can anyone tell me what kind of fan is installed in the CoreBook X Intel Core i5 8259U 16gb, 512ssd? I’m thinking of replacing it with a Noctua fan and changing the thermal paste as well, but I’m not sure which fan to buy (dimensions, speed, mounting) to fit the laptop. Hopefully, this will get rid of the horrible noise.

p.s. Maybe there is a BIOS setting that can solve the problem with this fan noise… or rather, the jet engine on my desk. )

I’m also curious about what kind of RAM I need to buy to make sure it fits. I want to upgrade to 32GB, so I need to get an additional 16GB. Can you help me figure out what type of RAM I should look for?


With Win10 the noise was really bad but once I installed Win11, cooler management magically went better and I haven’t experiencing any issue so far. Cooler only goes crazy when really pushing CPU to the max.

There is a post in the forum about 2 years ago where we had the BIOS setup that you can play with to get it better but I’m not finding it.

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