What tablet is this?

I don’t like throwing things on the dump, because it doesn’t work anymore. So one of my friends gave met this tablet. It only boots to UEFI. No combination of power + volume give an other outcome. OTG does not seem to work within the UEFI boot. There are no prints on the back of the device indicating what device this is.

Any idea what device this is?
And I think I need to flash the bios to get it back working. Could that be done with this one as well?

This could be one of the modifications of the Chuwi Vi8 or Onda tablet (V820W, V891 and etc).

Maybe flashing the bios will help, but these tablets has typical problems with power controller, EMMC and CPU.

Awesome thanks man! Yea power controller seems fine, as the battery gets back up to voltage. But CPU or eMMC, I have no idea how to check.
One comment from the owner is that it ‘stopped working after a windows update’. I’ve read reports about this, and it being fixed with a bios flash. So I’ll aim at that first.