Where can I find info on how to use Hi Pen H7

I have not used an active stylus before. There are so many different ones, even just from the Chuwi brand, with different features, butttons, behaviour.

I would also be interested in this. I use the pen that came with the Hi10X. In the beginning all was well, but at the moment, I can draw only very thick lines, since the pen tip wore off in just one month of use (its very round now). I am a bit disappointed at the speed of wear, but it is a part that is expected to wear out hence I would like to replace it (or replace the pen with one in which the tip can be replaced).

What pens are compatible with the Hi10X, how can I use the Hi Pen H7 (especially how can I replace the tip).


It is concerning that the tip wore out so quickly and cannot be replaced. I have just bought spare tips for a non-active stylus, which did not cost much in the first place but active ones like H7 cost a lot more. The H7 is my first active stylus, I just wanted to see what it did (not a lot) out of curiosity ---- I rarely use pens for drawing anyway.