Windows 11 is NOT supported - i5-6287U CPU

Dear sirs, I just have realized that my 1 year old 4K notebook having Intel i5-6287U processor is NOT supported by Windows 11 at the moment. All the other HW requirements are OK according to Windows 11 compatibility check and are far above the min specs.

Intel says that if I have any questions related to the Windows 11 support for my Aerobook Plus, contact CHUWI for support. So, my questions are:

  1. Can I expect i5-6287U to be added to the Windows 11 supported Intel processors list in the near future? When?

  2. Can I replace / upgrade the old i5-6287U in my notebook with a Win11 compatible new CPU at home? If so, which Intel CPUs are supported by the CHUWI Aerobook Plus motherboard?

  3. If neither of the above is possible, what do you recommend, how can i upgrade to Windows 11?

My AeroBook Plus:
Serial No.: AePlusQ256G20050521
BIOS version: CW-BI-SU156SWR100-SA66B-001-H
BIOS Date: 06/05/2020
System BIOS version: 5.12
Embedded Controller Firmware Version: 0.14

Thank you.

  1. No.
  2. No, the CPU’s are soldered to the board, replacing the CPU basically requires an entirely new board.
  3. Win10 is still supported to 2025.

Thank you Tim for your reply.

Some additional info for those affected by this problem:

A restriction to install Windows 11 on my non-supported Aerobook Plus will only be enforced when I try to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 through Windows Update, but I won’t be blocked from installing Windows 11 manually - just Microsoft will only be updating computers with supported CPUs.

But anyone with a PC with an older CPU that does not pass Microsoft’s “PC Health Check” upgrade test can still download an ISO file of Windows 11 and install the OS manually.

There is a work around for this. You can download both a Windows 10 ISO and Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft. Then copy the file install.wim from the Windows 11 ISO to the Window 10 ISO.
That way you use the correct install file but Windows 10 does not check your PC for TPM 2.0 or the newer CPU’s that Windows 11 is looking for.
Hope that helps.

P.S. there are people demonstrating this on YouTube.

its much easier now. you just need an usb stick and the windows 11 iso file. use rufus to create an install stick and upgrade from windows 10.

here is how: How to Bypass Windows 11 Requirements Using Rufus

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Mine aerobook plus since the windows 11 launch is fully operational