Windows build update

How can i update Windows version from build 1809 to a more recent one?

You have two options:

1.Through Windows Update
2. Using a Windows 10 pendrive with the media creation tool, downloaded from the official Microsoft website.
Once you have it, you just have to insert it into the tablet and go to “this computer”, enter the pendrive and running setup. In the windows installation menu options, update Windows will appear

Thanks for your quick answer.

First seems no option: system gives up to date!!?

Wil try the other way later this week

Yesterday was “w10-day”: created a usb withw10H, but using a repair option was not possible so i installes w10H again and
now it is build 2004!
But losing some of my info and had to use a different partition, because the old partition had to less space.
After that all went well and i started allready re-installing the apps i use.

The internal speakers cannot be found.
My guess is that this is a matter of (original Surbook) driver.
Any suggestion?

Hans Hollander

Chuwi’s SurBook drivers:!AqpKvT8-VB_8gYkVjjxQbM7mvXIhRw?e=9eFkxL