Windows license

Why when I try to register windows does it tell me that the key has already been used?


Windows usually already comes activated on the Chuwi Corebook X. It´s a digital licence so it´s automatically identified when installing the same Windows version that came originally in your device.

Dear Marcus,
first of all thank you.
I didn’t explain the situation well.
I received the laptop from Chuwi Barcellona and when I powered on it the windows system asked me to register the licence so I do it but received the message that the code was already used.

  • attached picture of the attempt of activation.


First of all, thank you

I cannot register Windows 10 Home because I am told that the code has already been used and every time I turn on I am asked to register the license, For this reason I cannot transfer my data from the old notebook and then use the new notebook.

Help Help
Thank you

I believe the best is to chase Chuwi Support then…

Hi Matheus,
Thanks, I wrote to support 2 weeks ago but have not received a reply yet.
I am very disappointed with Chuwi, I received the notebook after 20 days and now this problem too.

Thank you very much