CoreBook X restore license

After a windows restore/reinstall (due to a software failure with latest upgrade), Windows license cannot be activated nor updated (i’ve tried to update it to pro).
It should be useful to have at least a driver package, to reinstall from scratch.
Or some kind of “factory image” to revert from.

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Only the home version of Windows will be activated automatically when connecting to the Internet. The Pro version will need a new password. @Management will create the official thread with the original software shortly

It doesn’t happened. I restored the installation with the windows porcedure, and it doesn’t activated windows.
I have a ticket open with support, for resolving. It seems that windows activation it’s corrupted in some way

Update: I’ve done a backup for all the drivers, then i’ve re-installed windows from scratch, from an usb pen created with the media creation tool.
I’ve formatted the drive, then installed windows flawlessy. And it was automatically activated.

So for whoever need info about it: you can re-install windows without any worry. The drivers are all already onboard, and there are none specifically crafted from Chuwi.
There are also no recovry partition except the one created by windows itself.

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thanks for sharing. .

the correct way in this case are to re brushed corebook X with original image cleaned, you have to use one 16GB pen and request image to Chuwi service


No need to ask for an image that doesn’t have any customized drivers or branding. You can use Microsoft Media Creation Tool to burn the latest version of the system on an usb pen, and then boot from it.

Yes but if exist why not use original image?


Hello. I’m new in the forum. I have blue screen error on my new CoreBook Pro 13 buyed on 21-12-2020.
The error appears suddenly during the normal use and is BAD OBJECT HEADER.
Can you help me?

Thank you

Because it does not exists, or it’s not public.

No because support not exist!
Try to download bios file or other related to corebook x…


The BAD_OBJECT_HEADER blue screen error is generated when an important system process has been stopped or corrupted. Occasionally this error is corrected by restarting the device and Windows services reload.

In this case, I suggest you make use of the system image analysis and correction tools, which will help you to repair any damage found in the system. To do this, run the steps mentioned in the following technical notes:
Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files.
Repair a Windows image.
Tell me if you have improved the experience with your Windows 10. I will be attentive to your comments.

I have make the SFC tool.
I have make also a in place reintallation of windows 10.
Now I have a problem with the regulation of the screen light. The cursor for light regulation in video settings is disappear.
I search the latest driver for the Intel video card in my CoreBook Pro (550) and install it,…but the problem is not solved.
Also the keyboard buttons for video light regulations don’t works.
I hope to have solved the blue scree error, but how can I resolve this light control problem?

Thank You

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The BSOD problem was on the file

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Hey guys!! How long did it take for you guys to get the laptop? I ordered a Chuwi Corebook X three days ago and the status is not changing… Thanks for a info…

From where you are. It depends on the country you live. I live in germany and ordered from amz it took only 3 days to arrive. sometimes it takes 5days