A great tool for wintab + stylus, /w help from GPT4


actually i didn’t fully use my wintab’s much, the UI is really not good compare to androids.

recently i look for radial menus, but they didn’t work well.

then i came over launchq,

it pop up a menu and can scroll by pointing mouse/stylus above or below the menu to scroll, as well as mouse wheel scroll.

i further enhanced it.

this is free as in free beer work, not commercial.

i am happy to share it because i think finally i found a tool to let me fully use my wintab as good as android tabs.

i could just drag and drop files/folders into the menu (which stored as shortcuts) and then when i reach my workplace, i can easily found them – it’s hard before.

further, it also hold weblinks, and AutoHotKey keystrokes, so you can send text, you can send macros.

that’s it, thanks