A problem with the fans

Hi. Did someone solve problem with the CPU fan always on ?
Did you try to change the fan with another 4 wire cpu fan? Would it work? Do you have any suggestion of model?

I was not able to solve the problem :frowning:

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Windows için Posta ile gönderildi

Disassembly our pc. I think replace fan or remove it…

Not accurate, but it’s working (I think…).

Resistor 12 Ohm (1W) , thermostat 5W - 75°C (±5°) normal-open…
And silence now… Fan not turned on (it means CPU not heated to 75°C)

Fan connector sizes

Hi @aguniq , great solution.
Could you share the circuit diagrams, please ?

Hi @gsandrini , thanks.
I’m not elecric or engeneeer :slight_smile: - not have tools for diagrams, sorry

Hello. You did a great work.
Can you share a link for the parts you used? (like, for example, Aliexpress)
Can you also describe how the wiring should be? (for example red cable to blue, and where to put the resistor)
Thank you very much

I bought the 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Herobox two days ago on amazon.
I did not realize that it has a fan, because it did never run.

First I completed installation of Win10, no fan.
Then I installed Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop and no fan activity either.

I installed lm-sensors package and did run “temp” script to monitor temperature:

hermann@j4125:~$ cat temp 
watch -n1 sensors

This is output:

These temperatures are after running cpuburn for more than 10 minutes, with >390% CPU utilization.
Do nothing temperature was 48°C.

So either my fan is defect, or my HeroBox has no fan, or fan turns on at higher temperatures only …

Hi. Tyank you :slight_smile:
1PCS Thermostat 10C-240C KSD9700 40C 45C 50C 55C 60C 65C Bimetal Disc Temperature Switch N/O Thermal Protector degree centigrade
I took 5W - 75°C (±5°) normal-open

Resistor 12 Ohm (1W) and thermo glue/pasta from nearest electric shop

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It seems like they improved this point. Can you please confirm if it is working also the BIOS auto power-on feature? It was not working on previous versions either