A WArning for an update who make camera not detectable!

HI All who have a problem with the camera not detected …, i had this in the past too, tried all possible, no solution , a sudden worked again after a win. update …for a while , another update and camera not detectable again , until i also update with driver booster from ioit the gaming drivers (i am not a gamer …but) WORKED again detectable …UNTIL today the update INTEL CONTROL LOGIC ( 1) and camera again not detectable and error driver message on the 2 sensors for it in device manager.
SO DO NOT UPDATE INTEL CONTROL LOGIC as that one did it go wrong as it was the only 2 drivers driver booster suggested to update , they seem not to be compatible with chuwi camera

Hello, please provide the serial number and model number on the back of the machine, thank you

ALK UBOOK PQ256G19114469

BUT MY REMARK WAS MADE FOR FORUM MEMBERS , as iobit driver booster marked after restoring that fault again that intel logic control for an update ….WICH I PUT ON IGNORE FOR ALWAYS as now my camera is detectable .

BTW WHEN IS CHUWI GOING TO HELP US UBOOKPRO users from first edition to get a new keyboard as many now have no keyboard anymore and nowhere available , and so can even not in the bios ….or with a standstill bios screen …as no attached keyboard , and mice action so immovable