Abnormal battery draining during suspension

Hi guys.
Sometime happen that my UBook Pro 8100y have an abnormal battery consumption during suspension mode (after i close the keyboard…). Yesterday evening battery was 65% and in the morning ( so about 7/8 hours…) i found turned off because the battery was empty.
It is not the first time that happen. This does not happen often, 90% the consumption during suspension is ok, about 1/2% per hour but sometime i have this problem…

Anyone have the same issue ??
Do you know a Software/App or a System option where i can see what is ( SW or HW ) that is causing this problem ??
Thanks in advance

It is rare a double behavior, I would understand that they worked well, with that 1 or 2% that you indicate or that everything was bad and the battery will always be completely drained.
Is it possible, that you have closed the lid too quickly when you put it on hold, if you do it from the Windows options?
It is possible that you have set “do nothing” in the power options in the option close the lid or press the power button?
Is it possible that you have disabled hibernation options in that same power setting?
If you have touched something in those options, you can restore it to default settings to leave it as it was at the beginning and check if everything works properly

You might want to check in the Task Scheduler application for any tasks that are running during off hours. Run Task Scheduler and check under Task Schedule Library. It should have a list of apps that are scheduled to run. Some will run at login but others are scheduled at various times. It might be that one of these apps is running at an off hour.

You can also look at the Event Viewer application and check under the Windows Logs to see if anything is running during the standby times.

If your Ubook Pro is waking up during standby, you can see what woke it up with the “powercfg /lastwake” command that you run in a command prompt window.

You might want to prevent mouse movement from waking up the computer by going into Device Manager under Mice and other pointing devices, under the Power Management tab in the properties of the HID mouse and uncheck the Allow this device to wake the computer.

Thanks to everyone for support.

I found several Advices ( every 15sec ) like this

Nome registro: System
Origine: Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger
Data: 05/02/2020 04.48.38
ID evento: 17
Categoria attività:Nessuna
Livello: Avviso
Parole chiave:
Componente: PCI Express Root Port
Origine errore: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express)

Reading a MS answer should be the Bios Firmware not perfectly designed for Win10, so i think you all should have this kind of message…

Than in the Application Events i found these

I check the Power settings and all is turned on “suspension”.

You can try a couple of things. One install the Intel driver and support assistant and update the drivers.

Two, go into Device Manager and update the drivers for the Intel devices under the Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. And update the drivers for the Intel devices under the System Devices including the Mobile 6th/7th Generation Intel® Processor Family I/O devices. Right click on the device, select update and then search for the driver. You might also want to try to update the PCI drivers as well since you seem to have an issue with them.

You should reboot after updating any drivers to make sure they install correctly.

ok. Made all the operations suggested.
Will report in the next days/weeks if all ok.

Many thanks to all

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