[Aerobook]It goes to EPI mode and Win10 does not run

Hello. I’m an Aerobook user.

Since last month, my PC goes to EPI mode (as the picture shows) and Windos 10 does not run at all.
Even I start it with bias mode and after exiting it, it goes back to EPI again.
I think it relates with the Windows 10 update last October or November.
Maybe it’s the same problem with the other laptops or tablets, but I’m not sure my problems will be solved with the same way of them.

Please let me show the way how to recover my PC.
Best regards.

The EFI mode seems to have been installed by default in the Bios.

To correct this, turn on the AeroBook and press the Esc key immediately and intermittently until the Bios screen comes out.

Then go to the Boot tab and place yourself in the boot order priority line. Press enter and in the pop-up window select Windows as the first option.

Save the changes and exit. You must start Windows by default from now on.

the Boot menu of mine seems different(see the pic).
But I’m successful launching windows 10 by setting SATA Support into old HDD and the others disabled.

Thank you very much for your support! :smile:

I’m glad you could solve your problem