Anyone Install windows11 on Higame?

Want to upgrade win11 but unenable TPM2.0 now.
I can’t enable TPM2.0 on BIOS 20181022.
I can’t find latest BIOS. Where is it?
Please tell me How to update latest BIOS and setting TPM2.0 enable.

On the internet you can find some solutions how to install without TPM2.0. But personally I don’t recommend this solution. First of all problems with Vega M drivers secondly Windows 11 still works poorly. That is why I have restored Windows 10.

Unfortunately Chuwi doesn’t support Hi Game anymore and there is no hope for a new bios.

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I have installed Win11 on my HiGame. It do have TPM2.0 support in BIOS (under the Advanced Section) so can install Win11 directly.