Anyone managed to get the @ to work properly UK?

Apart from using the shift and " to get an @ symbol. Has anyone managed to get the keyboard to change and work the @ symbol correctly UK?

You can edit default layout if you want.

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switch to uk keyboard layout or visa versa

I’ve tried switching from UK to USA and vice versa, with no effect. The @ key simple gives me "

I switch between USA and UK English with the AltShift keys. I think you are in English UK, if your KB is the same as mine. You might check this by pressing Shift # because it displays £ in my case! I doubt it is available in USA mode. # is produced with . Shift \ produces ~~, You may have to accept switching with ALTShift to get the @ key.
There are probably other oddities to be found.

When I have time to spare I intend to create a printed list to refer to of all of the results under 2 headings: USA and UK, but I don’t find it much of a bother to switch using AltShift. For me the only important characters requiring frequent switching are # & @ plus sometimes £.

There is an earlier discussion of this in this Forum, started by a user who could not find @. You might find it helpful.