Best sileadtouch driver for hipen h2

Just a quick question: Whats the best touchscreen driver for the Z8300 version C109S to use with the hipen h2 and whats the best registry setting to use it? Atm i use it to teach my class in math and sometimes the pen is making points or lines that are not intendet. I am optimising as much as i can but its not perfekt atm.

actual installed driver: sileadinc 01.08.2016 and firmware file hampoo_C109S_3680_landscape_activepen_64bit_zhaowei_20160729.h

btw the settings in windows under ink and pen is not showing up with this driver.

The problem is that you appear to have installed the v10 touchscreen driver provided within the official Chuwi driver download package in place of the v17 that was installed when you first received the Hi10 Pro. I also found that v10 did not work but the originally-installed v17 driver [which I had backed up beforehand] works correctly.

This linked file is the SileadTouch v17.18.16.457 Windows driver and I installed it by right-clicking on the .inf file and selecting Install.

Please see my driver links - page 6, post #116 - ChuwiForum for further information about related driver issues [including how to back them up].

If you still have a problem with your pen afterwards, I suggest that you start a new thread for that topic.

Best of luck,

i just came back from hollidays and wanted to download your driver but the link is not working. Can you reupload it again?

OneDrive made me try three times when I tried to check them just now.

If it keeps failing to allow you to access them, create a thread asking for assistance in and, in your question text, include this
so I am notified.

I’ll upload them there.

This Chuwi forum will not let me upload them here. I just tried again in the hope that the forum software had changed.

Please call your TenForums question, “Unobtainable Chuwi Hi10 Pro drivers” so I can post a link to the same question for the other people here who ask me for copies of this & a few other drivers.