BIOS Update - Mod/unlock

A good point would trying to unlock BIOS and enable more options, but need someone to have that knowledge.
Even trying to backup newer BIOS version from latest Minibooks for those with ealy version

Ok I did it!

Here’s how to do this (8100Y version because I don’t have the other one (DON’T EVEN TRY FLASHING THIS IF YOU HAVE DIFFERENT CPU!)):
Please read: I’m not responsible for your bricked minibook or nuclear war started because of it!

You’ll need to dump your original BIOS and replace one module inside. NOTE: this patch was done using BIOS that came with my minibook. Recently CHUWI posted an updated BIOS. The module can be incompatible with it, and I didn’t tested it with updated BIOS so it’s possible that you’ll break your minibook if you updated the BIOS.

To dump the BIOS, you need Intel System Tools. You can find them on win-raid forum. You’ll need the v11 version.

Download the archive and extract it. Go to the “Flash Programming Tool/WIN64” directory. Open CMD window here with administrator privileges (Win+R, type cmd, press ctrl+shift+enter, copy the path to the directory from explorer, in CMD window type cd (cd with space) and click with right mouse button. Path should appear after the cd. Enter.)

then type fptw64 -d bios.bin. Congrats, you’ve dumped the BIOS image! Please keep it somewhere because you’ll need this file if something goes wrong.

Now get the UEFITool. You’ll need the non-NE version. The latest non-NE is 0.26.0.

Open the BIOS image in the program. Find the AMITSE module inside: click Action -> Search, select GUID and paste the B1DA0ADF-4F77-4070-A88E-BFFE1C60529A. click OK. A message will apear that GUID pattern found.... Click it.

Expand the found item until you’ll see PE32 image section. Right click it and select Replace body. Replace the module with this (note: this link will live for 2 weeks, please reupload it because I don’t want to register anywhere)

Then save the modified BIOS image somewhere. Congrats! You now have a patched BIOS. One thing left: flashing.

Get the BIOS archive from this thread. It will contain the archive with BIOS flasher. So you’ll need to make a bootable USB drive as described in the tutorial. In short: extract the archive, extract another archive that was inside the archive (yup, idk why), put everything on your FAT32-formatted USB drive.

Then delete the bios.bin and Startup.nsh from the USB drive. Copy your patched BIOS to the drive and name it bios.bin.

Boot from your USB drive with BIOS. A beautiful EFI shell will appear. Now, to flash the BIOS: AfuEfix64.efi bios.bin /p. After the BIOS is flashed, press ctrl+alt+delete to reboot. That’s all! Check your settings!


Which version do you have? 5.12?

Yes, Core Version 5.12

Could you make the patched BIOS directly available? I do not trust myself with the tools. I am currently using the one patched at bios-mods but I do not like the skull in the flash screen…

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, I believe it will be very helpful to some people in need.

Excellent how-to my friend, I’m a little bit experienced user but I think I might ask if you could share that modded BIOS file directly for download. I have the 5.12 BIOS version installed by default, haven’t updated with BIOS provided from Chuwi due to lower power.

Can you my friend? Because the other unlocked BIOS on the internet contains the low power “fix” which I don’t need

I can’t share the BIOS file because it contains some important information like serial number, boot settings, etc… So you have to repack your BIOS not to loose it.

I can try to patch updated BIOS image so it will be easily flashable, but you’ll get a lower TDP settings which you can change later…

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Ok, here’s the bios image from the BIOS update archive (8100Y version!)
Replace the bios.bin file on the USB drive with that one to flash.
The modules were identical so I just replaced it for you.


Who knows what spyware you have installed (joking :wink: , really) but I LOVE it. Thank you. It has the Security menu as well (which is different from the other unlocked bios around) and no SKULL, but the stock logo remains. I love you as well.

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You are correct, serial number, windows key etc is stored in BIOS and don’t want to lose it. Will use the first option and I will see
The Intel Systel Tools I must use, doesn’t matter if its v11.0 or 11.7, right?
thanks mate

I used that version

Flashed it finally, just before writing flash command, entered command four device fs7:

Command for device fs7? what is this?

Just type that: fs7: and then type dir to check contents

Your device may be fs1 fs2 etc, I tested them one by one to find mine

for me (as a noob) - what exactly does the unlocked bios provide in terms of extra functionality?

Extra 2 tabs in BIOS settings, which were hidden by default.

If you know what to change, unlocking will do a lot. As per Hackintosh, changed a setting will allow you to use display resolutions over 1080p…

I just like to have everything unlocked and fully controlable be me

Thank you… Download Completed…

Thank you,
I downloaded your bios.bin
How can I write your bios.bin to my BIOS?
Is that possible write your bin file to my BIOS with this command? fptw64.exe -REWRITE -F bios.bin